Blood Glucose Meter [Rightest GM700SB] + 25 Test Strips FREE (Promo)
Blood Glucose Meter [Rightest GM700SB] + 25 Test Strips FREE (Promo)
Blood Glucose Meter [Rightest GM700SB] + 25 Test Strips FREE (Promo)
Blood Glucose Meter [Rightest GM700SB] + 25 Test Strips FREE (Promo)
Blood Glucose Meter [Rightest GM700SB] + 25 Test Strips FREE (Promo)


Blood Glucose Meter [Rightest GM700SB] + 25 Test Strips FREE (Promo)

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  • Bluetooth Enabled - Speedy transfer glucometer data to mobile app wirelessly
  • Approved for Use in Singapore - Cleared by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and in compliance with ISO 15197:2013
  • 5 Year Warranty that guarantees defective device replacement

What is included

  • Rightest Blood Glucose Meter GM700SB
  • Lancing Device
  • Lancets - 10pcs
  • Test Strips - 10pcs
  • Carrying Case
  • Free Box of Test Strips - 25pcs

Designed for Diabetes Management

For those of us at risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes, managing our blood sugar is crucial to avoid developing serious problems.As such, testing and monitoring our glucose levels regularly helps us to balance our insulin therapy, meal planning, and exercise.

Testing is Convenient

Bionime’s Rightest Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit makes blood glucose testing fast and simple:

  1. Insert testing strip into glucometer
  2. Draw a tiny bit of blood using lancing device
  3. Apply blood drop to testing strip
  4. Get a reading within 5 seconds

With this kind of efficiency, you can even do this on-the-go: anytime, anywhere.

Bluetooth Enabled: Designed for Monitoring

Efficient blood testing is great, but consistent monitoring is even better.With wireless Bluetooth technology, you can transfer the data from your glucometer to your mobile app immediately after testing.This will allow you to keep track of your blood glucose before and after meals, throughout the day or week.The data will also inform your doctor much better for your treatment planning during your next doctor’s visit.

Approved for Use in Singapore

Bionime’s Rightest GM700SB has been cleared by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) for distribution and use in Singapore.It is in compliance with the requirements set in ISO 115197:2013 [for blood glucose monitoring self-testing systems].

Tried and Tested Accuracy

Bionime’s Rightest GM700SB glucometer has been reported to be among the best performing glucometers globally when it comes to accuracy and precision. In one rigorous study, it was among the few devices that satisfied accuracy requirements under the tighter 2015 ISO Standards.

Of course, there are rare circumstances where inaccurate test results may occur. These include:

  • Altitudes greater than 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) above sea level
  • When the user is severely dehydrated
  • When the user has an abnormally high concentration of Vitamin C, Xylose (sugar substitute), and uric acid (bodily waste, can be caused by gout)

5 Year Warranty

Bionime offers a warranty period of 5 years directed towards the failure to perform or misperformance of the Rightest Meter.Defective meters will be replaced. Specific conditions and details are well-detailed in the warranty card & registration within the packaging.