Provenance Lemon Lime 750ml
Provenance Lemon Lime 750ml

Jester King

Provenance Lemon Lime 750ml

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  • Provenance lemon lime ale is made with the juice of lemons and limes grown in Texas and is a typical Farmhouse ale brewed by Jester King with lots of zest.
  • This ale is brewed with raw well water from Hill Country and combined with malted barley and wheat which are fermented in stainless steel tanks and mixed with a unique blend of brewers yeast culture, naturally occurring native yeast and bacteria.
  • After the initial primary fermentation, the juice and zest of 400 pounds (181.4 kg) of seedless Persian limes and Meyer lemons grown in a farm in McAllen, Texas mixed together and are refermented in a carefully chosen barrel.
  • Jester King beers are fermented with wild yeast which makes each release slightly different in the bottle.
  • The beers can be kept for a couple of years to further age in the bottle.