Vague Recollection 750ml
Vague Recollection 750ml

Jester King

Vague Recollection 750ml

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  • Vague Recollection is a typical Farmhouse Ale that is blended and aged together with the pomace of Sangiovese and Tempranillo grapes.
  • One of Jester King’s philosophy is to blend the byproduct and ingredients from one beer and using it to make another beer. This creates the unique tastes of the Jester King ales. Some examples of blended beers brewed by Jester King are made from the “spent” fruit such as Detritivore which is blended with cherries, La Vie en Rose blended with raspberries, and Demitone blended with blueberries. These ales are where wine meets beer and offer an experience like no other.
  • For the Vague Recollection ale, Jester King uses the leftover grape pomace used in Birra di Sangiovese and Cerveza de Tempranillo. The pomace is the solid remains like the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems of the grapes.
  • Vague Recollection is brewed by re-fermented another beer called Das Uberkind in a stainless steel tank and blended together with Sangiovese and Tempranillo pomace. The blend is then aged for approximately one month. The resulting ale is then conditioned for 3 months in a carefully selected barrel. The resulting product is the Vague Recollection beer.
  • Jester King beers are fermented with wild yeast which makes each release slightly different in the bottle. The beers can be kept for a couple of years to further age in the bottle.